Monday July 30, 2018 at 3:54pm

As EMF country members fall away, tired of a leadership telling them what to do, giving false promises and making them pay membership fees, the International Socca Federation goes from strength to strength, sweeping up new members, and adding new countries to its portfolio from around the globe.

But of course, this is not only about numbers. Yes, it is true that as the EMF membership has reduced by half, and they struggle to get 20 teams to play in their tournament in Kiev in August, the ISF membership grows at a tremendous pace, with over 40 teams wishing to take the 32 slots available for the $1 million Lisbon World Cup.

It matters also the type of member country that you get. Increasingly the ISF is attracting strong, substantial league organisers around the globe, whereas the EMF scrabbles about for one man bands in different countries. Take England by way of example. When we left the EMF (and a huge relief by dropping the word ‘minifootball’ which turns off so many sponsors in the West who automatically believe it to mean children’s football) we took our 200,000 strong membership with us, large professional organisation and significant financial weight.

The EMF, desperate to replace ‘England’ contacted an ex-amateur coach in England and have replaced us, with our considerable power and influence, with an Englishmen and a handful of people who can all put on an England shirt and pretend they are playing as England.

And of course this isn’t just happening in England. Stories we’ve heard from around Europe particularly about this have been laughable. Time and time again as a strong EMF member leaves to join ISF, the EMF looks to replace them with just a ‘person’ that someone in the EMF happens to know on Facebook from a particular country, no matter whether they run leagues or are involved in football or not.

And while all this goes on in the background, the man who effectively broke up the EMF, the representative from Israel, continues going around threatening people, even though even a basic intelligence would tell him that it was these threats which made everybody want to leave in the first place. Has he learnt nothing?

Of course, the EMF are never going to launch any legal action against the EMF. That really would be a David and Goliath encounter: a penniless EMF, with hardly a euro to its name, taking on an multimillion dollar powerhouse? It’s not going to happen.

Usually ISF ignores the Israeli representative and his ramblings, but occasionally get slightly irritated and lets the EMF know the silliness of their position, rather in the manner of the giant swatting a pesky fly that keeps buzzing around his head.

And what of the President, the Vice-President, others in the EMF? Are they to blame for the terrible predicament the EMF is now in? We don’t think so. Not really.

All this started because they listened to this man from Israel who kept telling them lies all because he wanted a little bit of power himself. The mistake that the President of the WMF made, particularly, was to always believe him, and not understand what his real motive was.

If Mr Tibor or Mr Juda had any sense whatsoever then they would eject the Israeli representative and they might just find that, all of a sudden, things got a little bit better.

But whilst he is there, beavering away, steadily destroying the EMF by stealth, there can be little hope for the EMF, the dying embers of an organisation which is getting smaller and smaller, and less significant for every week that passes.

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