Wednesday July 11, 2018 at 1:43pm

We are delighted to formally announce our rebrand as UK Socca.

Increasingly over the five years of our existence, it has become clear that that the word “Minifootball” - integral to our previous name -  was acting as an impediment to what we wanted to achieve.

As the UKMA we tried to introduce the phrase to Britain in 2012. We were vocal against this move – given the connotations the word has with children’s football - but eventually acquiesced because of a desire to move a project that we both believed, and invested extensively, in forward.

When we chose to leave that body in 2017, because of the appalling behaviour of some of the executives connected to it, the word was no longer required.

In early 2018 we were involved – along with other partners from Europe, America and Asia – in the launch of the International Socca Federation, a world governing body of which we are an integral part.

Socca is a much more inclusive term, designed to encompass the whole of the adult small sided football game, and we are thrilled to be a part of that. It is our future and we look forward to being part of the exciting journey starting with the World Cup this autumn in Lisbon.

It isn’t that Minifootball belongs to the past. More that minifootball means children’s football. That is the way it always has been, and that is the way it should be in this country.

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